Support The Project

Valedictorian Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. With your support, we can provide free or low-cost empowerment programs for schools, youth organizations, sports teams or any group of youngsters that you would like to inspire. Additionally, we’ll enhance our programs and expand our reach to motivate more students than ever before to strive for academic excellence.

Whether you are looking to empower a specific group of students that you are already connected to, or if you are looking to raise the overall educational expectations of students, when you make an investment in the Valedictorian Project, you plant seeds of excellence that will produce abundantly.

Code Of Ethics

As professional people, we promise to do all that we can to contribute to the dignity, growth, development and upgrading of the Valedictorian Project Inc. (VPI). Furthermore, we will uphold the ethics and ideals of VPI and pledge to maintain standards above those set by local, state/provincial and federal governments.

The ethical relationships of board members of this Incorporation are defined in order to ensure that their conduct will provide sound judgment in pursuance of their professional duties and will follow the highest standards of integrity while upholding the honor and dignity of the education profession.

Partnering with Valedictorian Project Inc.

VPI was established to help raise the educational expectations of all students, and to inspire them to strive for academic excellence.

Our Officers and Board of Directors represent some of the most progressive, and forward thinking leaders in education. We enjoy having conversations that explore mutually beneficial partnerships that will increase educational expectations of all youth.